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We all want to be happy and live with a sense of purpose and victory, but we all keep coming up short. It’s easy to say you’re going to live a life that pleases God but it’s harder to actually do it, and our failures often make us feel unworthy and unable. In “Grace is more than enough” Pastor Mylon Avery helps clear a path for living a victorious life that pleases God even when life’s not perfect and neither are you.
“Grace” is the book that perfectionists and those of us who are keenly aware of our inadequacies appreciate. Three novel, reality-based stories capture your attention and aid in application, building resiliency and complete trust in God.  The personal candor of this refreshing author will help adjust your perspective. I wish everyone had a copy – especially Christians. Bishop John K. Norvell, Southwest Texas District, Pentecostal Church of God
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Grace Is More Than Enough
Learn how to; - Overcome sin and the trap of self-imposed guilt - - Quit seeing yourself as “too ordinary to do anything extraordinary”  - Live victoriously even when you’re in pain -